Plémet, Cotes-d’Armor, Brittany, France
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The two properties at Le Camus can be joined together by opening doors at each end of a ground floor passageway, this means that larger groups can join together, but have the benefit of two living areas, giving privacy to one part of the group for some of the time if required. This can be a particularly good idea for grandparents joining younger families. The dining room in Le Grand Camus is large enough to take 10 people, and is equipped for this many.  We have no objection to the movement of  smaller items from one side of  the house to the other, whilst it is in use by a larger party, and hope that you will try and return as much as possible at the end of your stay.
The deck area outside Le Grand Camus has plenty of space to accommodate larger groups, and you will of course have exclusive use of the whole garden and meadow area.
The passageway is long enough to provide excellent sound insulation when not open.
Simply add the price of both houses together, for the Le Camus rate.  Check Price
Having a spacious, beautiful and romantic master bedroom suite, complete with a four poster bed, Le Grand Camus Couples is perfect for a romantic getaway.  We will simply shut up the other two bedrooms, leaving you to enjoy the space and facilities of the rest of the property at a reduced price.

Le Grand Camus Couples is usually only available from September to June. The price for Grand Camus Couples is the same as the price for Petit Camus.

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Le Camus - Sleeps 10
Le Grand Camus Couples - Sleeps 2
Four poster bed in the Master Bedroom